Price Lists

ProLine Series Price Lists

Category Price Sheet
Lead-Free Brass Push-Fit BPF_0624
Brass Fittings and Accessories BF_0624
Valves VLV_0624
Lead-Free Supply Lines & Appliance Connectors SLC_0624
Lead-Free Supply Stops SS_0622
Non-Metallic Tubing NMT_0622
Gas Appliance Connectors GW_0622
Pipe Support HS_0624
Stainless Steel Fittings and Nipples SSFN_0624

Southland Price Lists

Category Price Sheet
Malleable Iron Fittings MIF_0622
Standard (Sch. 40) Welded Steel Nipples & Assortments WN_0622
Standard (Sch. 40) Welded Steel Pre-Cut Pipe WCP_0622
Lead-Free Brass Fittings NLBF_0624
Red Brass Nipples BN_0624
Steel Merchant Couplings MC_0622
Extra Heavy (Sch. 80) Welded Steel Pipe Nipples XWN_0622
Seamless Steel Nipples (Sch. 40, Sch. 80, Sch. 160 & XXH) SLN_0622

B&K Price Lists

Category Price Sheet
Faucets FCT_0622
Plumbing Specialties PS_0624
Decorative Drains LD_0622

SteelTek Price Lists

Category Price Sheet
Structural Fittings and Pipe STF_0622