February 2015 Product Newsletter

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Fresh off the presses! Check out our newest products in our February 2015 Product Newsletter.

Products Launching This Quarter:

  • Linear Drains
  • Push Fit X Polybutylene Couplings
  • 7700 Series Ball Valve Handle Extensions
  • Locking Handle Ball Valve
  • Compression Ball Valve With Waste


Whats on the horizon at B&K? Here is a little sneak peak into some new projects coming your way soon.

  • Line N Stops
  • Telescoping Supply Stops
  • Pex X Pex Straight Stop
  • Structural Fittings
  • Push Fit Contractor Packs
  • Copper Push Fit
  • Electro Push Fit
  • Rachet Master
  • B&K Faucet Repair